Recommended Stores

If you are looking to buy jerseys, here are some options you might want to consider. Here at TSC, we have tested some stores around the world to be able to recommend some good options for you.

All of these stores have been tested before being included on here. Because of that, we always like to hear from you about your own personal experience shopping with them so we can make sure they are still delivering great products and services to our readers. Feel free to contact us and give us an update on your experience shopping at these stores, so we can make sure our recommendations reflect good options for our readers. Did you find what you were looking on these stores or somewhere else? Did you have problems and you want to let us know? Do you know of any other stores we should test out and recommend?


WORLD SOCCER SHOP (Click to go to the store)

World Soccer shop is a great partner of Todo Sobre Camisetas, and one of our favorite stores. Based in North Carolina, USA, they carry a great selection and have excellent customer support. If you are looking for common products such as NT kits or the latest Nike cleats, why gamble with other stores when you know WSS will always offer original products, a solid selection and great service? Watch out for their specials, as Free Shipping and 20% off promotions are common.


CLASSIC FOOTBALL SHIRTS (Click to go to the store)

We just cant say enough good things about long term TSC sponsors Classic Football Shirts. They carry older shirts, but they are getting better every day at getting more variery; anything from unique pieces of the 80s to last season’s team kits at an incredible prize and awesome service. Every fan should buy here at least once. Here, you can find those jerseys you don’t find anywhere else, but also at excellent prizes.


FutFanatics (Click to go to the store)

Due to our popularity in Brazil, we wanted to offer a local options for our Brazilian readers. Since 2013, FutFanatics has been a great partner of TSC, and we personally recommend them for their great selection, prices and service. They are currently working on offering worldwide shipping outside Brazil.


SUBSIDE SPORTS (Click to go to the store)

Subside Sports is a good and trustworthy options, with the advantage of having several locations: USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, Spain and more. We’ve had nothing but good experiences shopping with them, and so have our readers. Their sale section is particularly interesting if you happen to be shopping at the right time, and they do stock jerseys hard to find elsewhere.


This list is a shared effort, and you opinions and feedback are important to be able to keep improving it. We will try to expand this section and offer more and better reviews as we go. We hope you find what you are looking for and everything goes well.