Boca Junior’s deep blue home jersey features its classic yellow stripe, a round neck with two buttons. Inside the back of the neck is a yellow triangle with the inscription of an anchor and the teams founding year, 1905. This anchor honors the Swedish ships that arrived at La Boca’s ports at the beginning of the 20th century, which encouraged the colors of the home kits. On the other hand, the white away jersey features a yellow stripe, surrounded by a deep blue lining, which runs across the chest. The collar is rounded and deep blue highlighted by yellow.

What are your thoughts on Boca’s new jerseys? Do you think Nike did a good job for the Xeneizes?


  1. Hermosa ! La Estoy Intentando De Comprar Pero No La Encuentro X Ningun Lado ! Vivo Aca En Los Angeles California ! Ciudad de Downey. Si Alguien Me Puede Decir Donde La Puedo Conseguir X Favor !


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